The student council TUM School of Governance

The student council (= student representation) of the TUM School of Governance represent all of the approximately 400 students of the HfP (Bavarian public school of policy) and the MCTS (Munich Center for Technology in Society). These two together form the TUM School of Governance, which currently includes the study programs B.Sc. Political Science, M.Sc. Politics & Technology, M.A. Science and Technolog Studies (STS) and M.A. Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology (RESET).

All students at the TUM School of Governance (students from the Hochschule für Politik & Munich Center for Technology in Society) are the student council TUM GOV. Most of the time the term „student council“ is discribing the active and elected students. They are engaged in university politics, the organisation of events and in different departments in the student council itself.

Important topics are beeing discsuued at the student cuuncil committee (Fachschaftsausschuss). It takes place every second monday of the month. You are kindly invited to join and as a student of  TUM School of Governance you have a voting right.  Also the faculty planary meeting (Fachschaftsvollversammlung/ FVV)  takes place once every semester.

Topics affecting the hole TUM are discussed in the faculty council (Fachschaftenrat (FSR)). Every student representation deligate one student which is elected at the university election (Hochschulwahlen). Through the election you have the possibility to decide your deputy at the  the faculty council an in the senat. Thereby we codetermine the chair of professorships, student subventions, the change of schedules, the organisation of the introduction fort the new students.  

Furthermore other specific working-parties and committees, like e.g. the students subsidy commission, are waiting for new participants.